Give Back

Unlock your phone and try to find at least one app that offers a service that is of benefit to society. By “benefit” we don’t mean entertainment, even though we most certainly deserve some, but real value that makes the lives of individuals and societies better.

While developing our product, we tried not to lose sight of the social component in mind. Charity might not be a part of everyone’s life just yet, but we would still like to take a step in that direction.

Even as a standalone, our product might help save lives. However, we decided to take a step further and give real-world support to organizations that help save lives every single day.

Every time you buy a full-priced subscription, the difference between the total subscription price and its promotion price is donated to struggling state-owned hospitals to fund the purchase of medications, medical supplies, and equipment. The money you donate to charity via our service goes toward the same cause.

Someone’s heart is in your hands. Don't let it die!

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