Heads or Tails: Which Are You?

If you own a FitBit, Apple, or Mio fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, you are already part of our network. Connect to our service without spending an extra dime purchasing a device!


There is so much variety on the market of fitness trackers that anybody can choose one to their liking. In order to understand which devices to aim at, we looked at research into customer preferences. It turned out that about 30% of people opt for FitBit, while 15% choose AppleWatch. Thus, it made perfect sense for us to ensure support of these two brands first (see the diagram). We also turned our attention to Mio trackers, which, according to professional athletes, are among the best out there along with Garmin trackers, which is a primary reason why we based our research on Mio Alpha 2 trackers.

So, is your tracker outfitted with a heart rate monitor and made by one of the companies we've mentioned previously? Yes? Then grab your smartphone, go to Google Play or App Store and download our app to quickly connect to our service or go to register online.

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