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We are big fans of a proactive approach to life and, quite frankly, we needed a tool to allow for a similar kind of proactivity to manage our health needs. Every minor symptom could in fact turn out to be a disaster in the making. So, we came up with a service that provides:

  • Constant monitoring of your heart’s activity, even when you are busy or rushed
  • Immediate notification of any – however inconspicuous – abnormalities in your heart's activity
  • Health experts’ recommendations + a follow-up action plan
  • An opportunity to share important information with your consulting physician.

Don’t neglect small things that can conceal large issues. No one wants to hear one day that they are doomed to death because of their own ignorance or, even worse, negligence. If you keep telling yourself that you ‘don’t have time for this now’ or that you ‘will deal with this later’, instead of getting your act together and making an appointment with your physician, you might literally be robbing yourself of years, if not decades, of your own life. Our service will turn your phone into a reliable health guard who watches your health even when you are sleeping and warns you of any signs that might require consulting with your heart doctor.

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Money is not all there is. We are committed to making the world around us a better place to live in.

Many of the people suffering from heart diseases cannot afford quality healthcare. This is especially true in developing countries, like Ukraine, where the disparity between the rich and the poor is truly striking and the middle class is virtually non-existent. Overcrowded public hospitals in such countries suffer from insufficient funding. We are committed to donating the percentage of each subscription purchased at a full price to funding the purchase of medications and equipment for state-run hospitals.

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We believe in our product and would appreciate any assistance, either professional or financial, that could help us grow and develop our service

We would also be grateful for any donation, no matter how small, that will go directly into financing further research and development.

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