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A new take on old problems

Look at your sports tracker. Does it seem like a useful device? Or maybe just a shiny new toy? How efficiently do you make use of the data gathered by this fancy device?

Our service helps turn data into valuable information you can act upon immediately. We will track your heart’s activity, learn about your lifestyle and habits, analyze these data and share the information with you in a meaningful way:

  • Your heart will be directly connected to our algorithms
  • Your heart’s activity will be analyzed for as long as you are wearing your sports tracker
  • You will receive notifications when the system registers any abnormalities
  • You will get an action plan
  • You will always be able to rely on expert help

We don’t always pay attention to what is happening to our heart, and, as a result, when annual health exams roll around, we let important details pass unnoticed. Our service never loses vigilance and eliminates the human error factor from the equation.

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Money is not all there is. We are committed to making the world around us a better place to live in.

Many of the people suffering from heart diseases cannot afford quality healthcare. This is especially true in developing countries, like Ukraine, where the disparity between the rich and the poor is truly striking and the middle class is virtually non-existent. Overcrowded public hospitals in such countries suffer from insufficient funding. We are committed to donating the percentage of each subscription purchased at a full price to funding the purchase of medications and equipment for state-run hospitals.

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